Greek Pharmaceutical Market

The pharmaceutical wholesaler forms the connecting link between the pharmaceutical companies and the pharmacy, covering a vulnerable part of the continuously changing pharmaceutical market of Greece. Georgios Zioutas & Co company has provided services in sales and distribution of medicine for over thirty years with the sense of responsibility and reliability.

Daily and fixed routes

The Pharmaceutical wholesaler Georgios Zioutas & Co covers the needs of Thessaloniki’s pharmacies via its privately owned vehicles on a daily basis under fixed routes. The frequency and density of product delivery is defined by each partner’s position and needs. The distribution network is constantly being expanded in the territory of Thessaloniki and the neighbouring counties.

Priority and Objective

The major priority and objective of the company is the quality of both the products and the services which are offered.

Control system

The management of orders and the implementation of the control system through scanner reader minimise any error possibility.

Receiving, Warehousing & Distribution

The operation process of receiving, warehousing and distributing medicine is completed under first-rate and well-controlled conditions.